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NEW NAME: Formerly "ASIH Essential Proteins"!

ASIHW Essential Proteins provides all essential amino acids along with immune building factors in a special rapidly absorbed form. It supplies important nutrients that can help build the immune system and aid healing. Cooking and processing of foods can destroy key nutrients. This product is specially processed to safely maintain and enhance the important properties of the original natural raw food. As a food, there are few interactions with medications. It is specifically designed to provide safe and natural nutritional benefits to individuals of all ages.


ASIHW Essential Proteins is a specially prepared whey protein concentrate. The FDA has categorized this type of food product as 'GRAS', or 'Generally Recognized As Safe'. As such, it is considered safe for individuals of all ages. In addition, the nutrients provided in this product are extremely important for every individual.

The source of this specially processed food quality whey protein is milk from grass-fed cows. These cows are typically not given steroids, hormones, or antibiotics and their milk is USDA Grade A quality. One difference is that this whey has not been processed at the high pasteurization heat that would denature (destroy or break down) the precious key proteins. It is almost like drinking milk taken freshly from a cow in how it provides essential nutrients for wellness!

This product has low lactose, low fat, and low milk solids similar to human milk. As such it is generally well tolerated by most individuals and readily absorbed by the body.


This product can enhance healing in several ways:

  1. Essential Amino Acids
  2. Glutathione Precursors
  3. Immune Factors

Providing all of the essential amino acids for the body is extremely important. There are eight essential amino acids that the body can not manufacture for itself. Frequently we may consume a diet that may be deficient in one or more of these nutrients. The body cannot properly heal if one or more of these nutrients are missing from the diet. This product supplies all eight essential amino acids beneficial for growth and repair.

Another way that this food product enhances the body is by providing the precursors, or fundamental building blocks, for glutathione (aka GSH). Glutathione is considered the Master Antioxidant for the body. Glutathione will be discussed in more detail later due to its' importance.

Lactoferrin and Immunoglobulin content are important aspects of this product. Lactoferrin is a natural 'antibiotic' that the body manufactures to help fight infections. Immunoglobulins are natural antibodies. Both can be found in raw milk. Infants obtain glutathione precursors, Immunoglubulins and Lactoferrin from Mother's Milk. This is how mammals pass their disease immunity from parent to infant. Infants that are not breast fed generally do not get these nutrients in the crucial quantities offered by their natural human milk source. Since these infants do not receive this natural benefit, they have to form their own immune factors via illness or other options.

Amino Acid Profile Supplemental Facts

A breakdown of the proteins listed on the 'Supplemental Facts' is listed in the 'Amino Acid Profile'. While listed in the denatured free form, these amino acids are in their un-denatured ('raw') form in this product and are therefore typically more bioactive in nature. The amino acids highlighted in yellow above are direct precursors for glutathione. The amino acids with an asterisk (*) are essential amino acids that the body cannot manufacture. Diets can be deficient in one or more of these important essential amino acids, and supplementation is then important for effective growth and healing, as well as optimal wellness.


This product can be beneficial to individuals of all ages and conditions:

Use to supplement diets, especially when breast feeding is not available, to help provide immune factors and essential proteins.

Active children can wear down their body and may not eat nutritionally sound foods. Use to augment the diet to maintain energy, assist in growth and help avoid illness.

Their active non-stop lifestyle and reliance on snack foods as a staple diet can lead to illness. Rapid growth and changing hormones can tax their immune system. Augmentation can improve wellness, energy and even assist in conditions such as acne.

Young Adults:
Active non-stop stressful lifestyles related to college, recreation, starting careers and starting families can take a toll on both the body and mind. Glutathione is essential to the brain, liver and immune system. Essential proteins are necessary to maintain function and proper repair.

Peak performance is the key issue here, and maintaining proper protein nutrition is essential. Additionally, glutathione is vital in cellular metabolism and detoxification from the ravages of heavy exertion.

Aging Adults:
Our levels of glutathione decline as we age. Research shows healthy aging adults have higher levels of glutathione. Research also shows that many aging related illnesses are associated with low levels of glutathione. Weight gain, diabetes and even conditions like Alzheimer's and cancer may be related to low levels of glutathione.

During periods of illness, high stress or trauma, the body tissues tend to break down and generate additional toxins. Additional protein nutrition can help control this wasting. Glutathione is important in detoxifying from the effects of wasting and also to detoxify the byproducts of the immune response. This may result in faster healing, more energy, less inflammation and less pain or discomfort.

Due to the fundamental nutritional properties of this whey protein food concentrate, it can be a beneficial supplement for almost any individual. Daily use will help maintain peak wellness and performance. Additional use can help reduce effects during periods of adverse stresses.


Glutathione is the antioxidant that is so important that it is manufactured in each and every cell of the body! Glutathione is used in the liver to detoxify the body. It is used in the eyes and skin to protect from UV rays. Glutathione is used by the immune system to aid in the detoxification of contaminants that occur from fighting illness. Unfortunately while we could not live without glutathione, as we age, our glutathione levels drop.

Glutathione is known to assist in the metabolic process, recycle antioxidants like vitamin C and E, assist to protect and repair DNA, remove toxic chemicals and chelate heavy metals. It has over thirty important process functions in the body. Increasing glutathione can assist the normalization of a suppressed immune system, and may be beneficial in certain autoimmune dysfunctions or conditions. Low levels of glutathione are associated with colds, flu, Type II diabetes, weight issues, cancer, Alzheimer's, arthritis, heavy exercise, Parkinson's, dementia, emotional stress, COPD, HIV, arthrosclerosis, high cholesterol, drug overdose, fibromyalgia, the aging process - and most other illnesses!


Generally, if milk products are well tolerated, then this can be a safe and effective adjunct to the diet. Since it is a low lactose, low fat and low casein product, many people that do not tolerate milk can tolerate this special whey protein concentrate.

Individuals that may not wish to take this product include those with a known specific milk protein allergy. Those receiving immuno-suppression, such as after organ transplantation, may wish to consult their physician prior to taking this product.


Glutathione is rapidly becoming the health buzzword of the 21st Century. Considered to be the Master Antioxidant, it is regulated by the body and necessary for over thirty functions including metabolism, toxin removal, immune function and even protection of DNA. High levels of glutathione are related to a long and healthy life, and low levels are related to almost every illness found in mankind.

ASIHW Essential Proteins provides the direct nutritional precursors to build glutathione in each and every cell of the body. Nature's most advanced natural method of supplementing glutathione is by providing the necessary precursors in milk. This product is designed to take advantage of that natural process.

ASIHW Essential Proteins Canister

All of these potential benefits are in a delicious, easy to mix powder that can be added to water or your favorite juice.

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While the nutrients in this product are extremely important for the human body, individual results may vary based upon current health, age, weight, amount of product consumed and other important factors. Contact us for more specific recommendations on the possibility of improving your health, or the health of a loved one. This is a food, specially designed to be safe, yet to provide essential nutrients that most people do not get in their daily diet. If you can drink milk, then this will typically be safe to consume.

Note: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product and information are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any illness or disease.

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